Dental Implants

All Metè products are manufactured according to the procedure and quality guidelines defined by the European legislation for medical and dental devices production.


The implant design is characterised with a tapered body and a particularly aggressive coil, designed to provide ideal primary stability in all types of bone.

Surface Treatment “Sandblasting and acid-etching” helps to obtain a micro-roughness which enhances the speed of the osseointegration process.
Excellent decontamination is performed by using an Argon Plasma reactor in a cleanroom.

  • Self-tapping dental implant
  • Internal hexagon connection
  • Single platform for all diameters
  • Platform switching

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TAG LINE – TAG Straight

The internal hexagonal connection, with conical implant-prosthetic support, guarantees greater stability by reducing micro-movements between fixture and abutment.

  • Self-tapping cylindrical implant
  • Internal hex connection
  • One platform for all diameters
  • SAE surface treatment for high osseointegration

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TAG 3.0 arises from the need to solve clinical cases with atrophic and thin frontal ridges and as a valid solution in lateral agenesis.

  • Titanium grade 5
  • Self-tapping conical implant
  • Internal hex connection

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Exagon implant design is characterised by external hexagon connection which has excellent results in “all on four” technique realization and bar system.

Fixture shows cylindrical shape with self-tapping coil.

More tapered design is also available to provide better primary stability by thight surgical preparation

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OS implant line is equipped with conical and straight fixture design, maintaining same connection.

This dual design aims to help the primary stabilization in all bone density.

All implants are characterized by apical millings which improve penetration and favor an optimal clot flow.

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The mini OS line implants are extremely versatile and reliable.

Born to stabilize removable prostheses, they can also be used to support biphasic implants with their own prosthetic components, by usin a square link on the emerging area.

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Due large request, our company also produces prosthetic compatible components with a lot of local and international implant fixture systems.

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